Steve will look at popular programming models and periodization strategies, as well as the reasoning behind those strategies. He'll cover training for multiple disciplines in climbing and programming on weekly, monthly, yearly, and 4-year cycles. We'll cover progressing and recovery, training during injury, and building contingency plans into your program.

We'll look to answer questions such as:

What do I do if I get sick during a training cycle?

How should I train during a vacation or climbing trip?

What do I do if the program is wearing me out?

How do I stack up training cycles to build toward a lifetime goal?

In the end, the program is the roadmap to our biggest goals in the sport. Getting this step right is essential to everything else that follows.

*A 90-minute Live Q+A with Steve will take place on October 11th at 12pm MST.*

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to inform the individual self-coached athlete but will feature concepts appropriate for template building and group programming as well. Steve will speak to the subtleties of planning for the individual and for teams. The concepts in this course are beyond the needs of most new climbers but will make sense to most climbers with a few seasons under their belts. 

Curriculum Includes:


Each section will be packed with information in the form of presentations and videos. The course will also include a 90-minute Q+A with the instructor: Steve Bechtel.


Each course offered in the Classroom features a detailed presentation by our team of expert coaches, supporting notes, and a live video call with the presenter at the end of the course. If you are looking for the most up-to-date information on training, and want to know how to apply it in your own training or coaching, this is the place.


We've found that our athletes and students learn best via a combination of lecture, demonstration, and question/answer. With our class format, we work to optimize all three in order to provide the best learning opportunity possible. 

This course is closed for enrollment.